Trying to get back into it…

This semester has been rough. With a new class and a new evaluation system I feel like a first year teacher again. There once was a time that I loved going to work every day to teach my students the great story of the founding of this country. Now the only thing that keeps me going is my dream of opening my own school. It will be a private, not-for-profit classical school based on the Hillsdale Academy curriculum. The social studies classes will be focused on Western Civilization and the American founding, as well as free market capitalism. I hope I can get some support by other lovers of liberty in getting my school started.

This semester went by too quickly in my government class and somehow I did not get to every topic I normally teach. But I did do more on the founding documents, so that was good. I constantly connect the current events to the Constitution and how the limited government our founders set up has been changed in the past 100 or so years.

So this month I will try to get back into it, in between Children’s Choir, Christmas shopping, grading exams and projects, and celebrations with family and friends.